The Telegraphic Transfer is one of the fastest mean to remit the funds all over the world. In this respect according to Rules & Regulations of State Bank of Pakistan, you will be allowed to send money for your blood relations University Fee, Hospital Charges etc. Paragon Exchange makes it sure that your payment is transferred in a secure way. For you, it is very easy to transfer your money through Paragon Exchange. Paragon Exchange (Pvt.) Ltd. is offering to its valued customers, a quick Telegraphic Transfer Service to transfer their money into beneficiary’s bank account at very affordable rates. According to the Rules & Regulations of State Bank of Pakistan, Telegraphic Transfer of money may be for the following purposes: Hospital Charges University Fee Franchise Fee Consultant Fee House Maintenance Fee Copyright Fee Patent Right Fee etc. The process of Telegraphic Transfer is very simple. For more details please visit the nearest Branch/Outlet of Paragon Exchange or Call us Free @ 0800-80008.