Our Vision

We will leverage our expertise, infrastructure and state of the art technology to provide un-paralleled customer responsiveness. With challenges comes the opportunity, we desire to be the fastest, biggest and the most reliable Global Money Transfer distributor of Pakistan. We also aim to be the most dynamic, pioneering and diversified countrywide Foreign Exchange Specialist. We will focus on network building by striking long lasting and profitable relationship with our Customers & network partners and bring this money exchange transfer services within the reach of every citizen of Pakistan. Keeping in mind our vision we are already planning to open more branches/ payment booths in different cities of Pakistan. In view of the importance of IT and e-commerce on the global level we are well equipped to meet its challenges. We have entered the 21st century with the brand new image backed by our strong IT team.

Our Mission

We have always worked shoulder to shoulder with the Government of Pakistan as well as State Bank of Pakistan in order to maintain the stability in currency market. We pledge that we will abide by the highest ethical standard to achieve our Vision. We seek motivated, creative and responsible individuals who will take pro-active action in matters of preventing Money Laundering and any other illegal operations, who will exercise initiative to grow the business each day. In turn we will provide them with great opportunities for their professional growth.