It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to Paragon Exchange. Whether you’re already a customer, or you’re looking for a financial resource, we hope you’ll find our website to be a helpful tool to explore our products and services. Paragon Exchange was founded with an unfailing dedication to convenient, professional and caring customer service. Our consistent delivery of outstanding service has not—and will never—change. After all, our goal is simply to treat our customers the way we ourselves want to be treated according to our slogan “We Deliver Happiness” Paragon Exchange is leading the way in the most dynamic and exciting regions of opportunity in the Pakistan today. In Punjab, as part of this country-wide network, we are perfectly positioned to support Pakistan’s economy and forex businessmen investing in this business. Our short but dynamic and deeply embedded presence in the Pakistan’s currency markets makes us The Right Partner for financial institutions with needs in trade in currencies, structured export, Remittances, Currency exchange and other services. We look forward to being your trustworthy as you take advantage of all the opportunities that Paragon Exchange has to offer. Feel free to contact me or anyone on my staff at any time for assistance.

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