If someone wish to study in a University which is situated abroad and want to pay the University fee or any other Academic charges Paragon Exchange is here to provide the most reliable solution in form of “Foreign Currency Demand Drafts”. A Demand Draft is an order to pay a certain sum of money to a certain person or as instructed. The beneficiary get the payment by presenting the Demand Draft to the Bank on which it is drawn. It is a safe and fastest way to transfer money abroad. Demand Draft is a better solution because it is a physical mode of payment. It is beneficial for the sender to make a Demand Draft because it is secure and it is only credited to the specified beneficiary’s bank account. According to the Rules & Regulations of State Bank of Pakistan, the Demand Draft may be drawn for the following purposes: Hospital Charges University Fee Franchise Fee Consultant Fee House Maintenance Fee Copyright Fee Patent Right Fee etc. The process of making of Demand Draft is very simple. For more details please visit the nearest Branch/outlet of Paragon Exchange or Call us Free @ 0800-80008.

* Important: Please Note that according to the Rule Regulations and Policies, Paragon Exchange is not responsible for the Forex Loss in Demand Drafts.